taemin playing billiards 


Every day I wake up and wonder what new horrible thing that men have done has made headlines.

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4/ edits of Lee Taemin
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Nervous baby before the ice water was poured


when ur in a bad mood but dont want to worry your friends


honestly, this is super important.

we need to get at least 3.20 million views for taemin to get full SNS points on inkigayo AND sm promised to release the practice video if we get to 4 million but that’s still far away, right now the view count is at around 2,640,000.

taemin worked so hard for us, the least we can do to repay all that hart work is to watch his music video! it’s really not that hard, just click here and let it play in the background, (you can mute the window but not the actual player). deleting cookies / turning off your router to get a new IP address every once in a while helps too!

also it’d be great if you could reblog this and help spread the word~